Gas Boosted Solar
(exterior mounted)
Hot water heaters

Effecting Product Part Numbers:

IDENTIFICATION: Product sold as a [Dux – SunPro MP15] or [Ecosmart - Intelligent Hybrid] Gas boosted solar water heaters. Product part numbers affected are DN15DS, DL15DS, DN15CS, 3D1NE, EN15DS, EL15DS. This number can be found on the product identification label attached to the top of the water storage tank

DEFECT: In a limited number of cases leakage of gas has occurred during the start up of the gas boost function. The gas valve may remain open, when ignition has not occurred.

HAZARD: Leakage of gas has occurred in a limited number of cases. Though the possibility is remote, a leak can create a potential risk of fire or explosion. There are no known incidents of fire or explosion resulting from the leaks. No known injuries or damage have occurred.

ACTION REQUIRED: In the event that leakage is established, the customer should shut off the gas supply and call immediately on 1300 761 841 and we will arrange for an urgent service call.

Each purchaser will receive a letter from us, since each end user is known from sale records held by us or our suppliers. We are asking each consumer to make contact with us and we will arrange for a service call by a trained technician to check the unit and replace a part so as to avoid risks in the future.

The helpline below will be able to assist consumers with any questions.

For further information
Please direct all calls and any queries concerning this recall to Contact the Dux Recall Hotline
on 1300 761 841, Mon–Fri 7.30am–5.00pm or Saturdays 8am–1pm
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